The use of machine learning across various sectors is increasingly prevalent. The introduction of new technologies is causing change in the legal system, social stability, and individual and corporate economic status. 

The aim of this project is to synthesize the various perspectives (academic to professional) as it relates to two specific areas within global society and law. Through this work we wish to provide clarity and direction for how key actors can implement legislation and governing frameworks that support the positive use of these technologies.

We are currently exploring two research areas:

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a landmark accomplishment in global cooperation towards social, economic, and environmental equality. Achieving the SDGs requires a concerted oversight of advancements in each country. The introduction of machine learning in various sectors will inevitably impact the achievement of these Goals. The first part of our research will explore these impacts, acting as a model for all countries to assess the impact of AI.

The project’s secondary goal is to study the evolution of liability frameworks used to regulate emerging technologies. There is a developing body of AI liability law within the United States that will be the structural foundation of our regulation model. The Scottish Government and IBM, for example, are currently working together to oversee the introduction of machine learning prediction algorithms into the health sector.

The research team in the 2017-18 academic year has been both researching on these topics and conducting a series of interviews with key stakeholders.


We have spoken with the following individuals: 


  • Dr. Grant Blank, Oxford Internet Institute

  • Rodolfo Rosini, Partner at Zeroth.AI

  • Florence Okoye, National History Museum UX Designer


Our research on the global impact and SDGs will continue next academic year with a presentation at UN House Scotland. This presentation will serve as a primer on AI for the non-profit sector. 

Project Director:


Paridhi Singh



Connor Hounslow, Sophyia Volkova, Nicholas Chen,

Eliza Wynne, Sara Aron, Sean Leonard

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