Welfare Coordinator


Hi, my name is Isla, and I’m your Welfare Coordinator for 21/22. The purpose of Welfare Coordinator is to provide support if you are struggling with a project or feel under pressure for any reason. For example if your team is experiencing difficult group dynamics, if you have experienced harassment or abuse in any way, or if you simply need to chat to someone!
We’d like to emphasise that our research teams should be a safe space where everyone can contribute and voice their opinions and feel included. Buchanan has a zero-tolerance policy for any racial, sexual, homophobic or transphobic harassment.

Although we hope to make Buchanan as welcoming an environment as possible, if a fellow Buchanan member, or somebody on the committee, has made you feel uncomfortable, use our anonymous support form which can be found under the welfare tab to report it. I will then bring up the case with the Students’ Association or come talk to you in person for emotional support if you wish.

Buchanan can be a fun and rewarding experience, but dealing with any of these issues can make your experience less enjoyable. We understand that everyone deals with stressful moments throughout the semester. If you feel under pressure or overwhelmed (not just for Buchanan-related issues!) you can talk to me directly through my mobile number: 07852871237 or at workspaces and socials!