Tackling Elitism

Elitism is the belief or attitude that individuals who come from a more privileged background with regards to wealth, power, intellect or connections are inherently more valuable to society, and therefore deserve to be in positions of power and have their voices heard above others. Elitism is not recognising that people from different backgrounds can experience a range of social and economic barriers. Our goal is to continuously evaluate how we, as a society, may be perpetuating elitism within our practises and structure, and to tackle and dismantle that structure.


Buchanan provides an accessible and welcoming way for people of all backgrounds to get experience in the policy world, network, and gain confidence regardless of their background. However, there are always ways to improve this and continue to make our environment more inclusive.

At the start of each academic year, we will circulate our Tackling Elitism anonymous survey through all our Buchanan members and encourage people to use it as a tool to voice any concerns about elitism in the Buchanan Institute. The suggestions, concerns and ideas will be used to facilitate a focus group later in the year where we will decide on what needs to change and what can be done. Buchanan launched its Tackling Elitism in early 2020, but wishes to continue and develop it, hopefully involving other societies as we grow.