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Educational reform is critical in creating a better life for future generations, and making sure that no child is left behind. Our recommendations, aimed at the Scottish and UK Governments, look at innovate solutions to increasing inclusivity and the quality of education across the UK.

Proposal for the Decolonisation of the Scottish History Curriculum

There is currently a cultural deficit in the equitable representation of British colonial history
within the Scottish national curriculum. As a result, the Buchanan Institute’s Education Policy Team has called for a decolonial lens to be applied to the compulsory History curriculum in Scottish secondary education.

CERT: Contraception Education Reform Team

This policy brief demonstrates that increasing discontinuation rates of contraception must be addressed by creating a national framework of care and education on issues of contraception within Scotland. A need exists for motivated reform within the medical domain: to legitimise individual reports of side effects and attempt to address these reports in a comprehensive manner.

Innovating Education: The Case for Including Problem-Based Learning at University

The authors propose a diversification of higher education through the inclusion of problem-based learning (PBL) in the curriculum. It looks specifically at restructuring modules, lectures, tutorials and exams to reflect this approach, as well as the creation of entirely student-led PBL courses. These student-led courses can also be used as a way to  credit existing extra-curricular activities.

How to Champion Creativity in Scottish Schools

Following a joint-initiative on behalf of Education Scotland and Creative Scotland, a Creative Learning Network has been established across Scotland to invigorate creative capacities. Integral to this project is the Creativity Portal, designed to enhance collaboration between schools and their communities, as increasing creative education requires resources with which children can engage.

Improving University Education in Light of Covid-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic upending the world of higher education, how can university students remain engaged with their learning? This report examines the impact of COVID-19 on undergraduate students in Scotland, with a particular focus on academic education and communication. Looking forward, it also details recommendations to support universities with mitigating the consequences of the pandemic for students.

10 Big Ideas for Scotland 2025

In 2020, the Buchanan Institute was commissioned by the Scottish Policy Foundation (SPF) to come up with '10 Big Ideas for Scotland in 2025'.
10 young researchers worked together to come up with 10 innovative and unique policy proposals that envision and explore how Scotland can become a better place to live and a leader in innovative policy-making.

Widening Access to Higher Education

In this policy proposal, the government’s policies and targets will be evaluated with respect to the Scottish universities’ policies and targets and will see where the government have succeeded and where the government has not done enough to give access to students from lower economic backgrounds.

The Case for Compulsory Mental Health Education in Scottish Schools

Despite formal support for Mental Health education, popular sentiment and statistics show that the Scottish school system currently fails to adequately achieve this. The Buchanan Institute evaluate the situation at-hand with critical insight to the reality of Mental Health across Europe and the neglect of Mental Health education in schools. Ultimately the case is made for mental health as a compulsory component of the Scottish curriculum.

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