The global job market is constantly changing and evolving, as new advances in technology call for greater skills and qualifications and the need for a green job transition increases. Our research in this field looks at workers' rights and inclusivity within the employment sector.

The Forgotten Generation

The youth have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic through impacts on the hospitality sector and the switch to online learning. Rising levels of long-term youth unemployment and inequalities should be addressed by the government.

Criminal Record Data: Ensuring Employment & Upholding Data Subject Rights (CRED)

A criminal record has harmful ramifications on people’s financial and social security.
This policy focuses on facilitating access to employment for people with a minor or old criminal conviction. It calls for legal change at the  public level, banning the disclosure of criminal records at such an early stage at the employer level, and the promotion of data subject rights at the individual level through job centres and unions.

Response to the Prostitution Law Reform (Scotland) Proposal

On 8 September 2015, Jean Urquhart issued a proposal for a Bill to decriminalise activities associated with the buying and selling of sexual services and to strengthen the laws against coercion in the sex industry. The Buchanan Institute compares the Prostitution Law Reform (Scotland) Proposal to the New Zealand and Swedish models. Considering in-depth questions that cut to the heart of the issue such as licensing conditions and legal treatment, the authors propose a two-pronged approach: decriminalisation coupled with generous resources set aside for a safe transition out of the sex industry.

The Scottish Just Transition

Scotland has committed to reaching net-zero carbon by 2045. To achieve this goal,
large numbers of green jobs will need to be created. Our vision is a larger and more adaptable Green Jobs Fund, and the tailoring of economic development schemes to specific regional demands, in line with the Just Transition.

10 Big Ideas for Scotland 2025

In 2020, the Buchanan Institute was commissioned by the Scottish Policy Foundation (SPF) to come up with '10 Big Ideas for Scotland in 2025'.
10 young researchers worked together to come up with 10 innovative and unique policy proposals that envision and explore how Scotland can become a better place to live and a leader in innovative policy-making.