Edinburgh Sustainable

Innovation Conference 2018

'Achieving a carbon-free Scotland’

23rd March, 2018

McEwan Hall, University of Edinburgh

About the Conference:

The Scottish Government has recently published ambitious targets to reach a low-carbon society. ESIC sets out to explore how we can achieve these targets by coming together and drawing up ‘a road-map to a carbon-free Scotland’. We will be focusing on Scotland's two main polluters -  energy and transport sectors. As well as the ways finance, policy mechanisms and incentives can accelerate the transition.


Accelerate the transition to a carbon-free Scotland by:

  • Increasing cross-sector collaboration. We aspire to cut across social, sectoral and disciplinary boundaries. Doing this will lead to greater positive action.

  • Engaging and inspiring a much wider group of individuals, in particular the next generation. Given the chance, we can inject new momentum into the transition away from carbon.

  • Creating an environment for solution-based discussion to flourish whilst laying down the foundations for these ideas to turn into reality - ensuring the conference has an after-life.

Target Audience:

Primarily, professionals that are involved in the sustainability movement. Delegates will include academics, industry experts, the financial sector and the policy community. We will also invite the next generation of change makers. It will be an incredible opportunity for students to get engaged in a professional setting, forging connections that can influence their careers.  We hope this will create a unique array of attendees from those different social, sectoral and disciplinary backgrounds.

Conference Focus No. 1: Transport

Current projects of Scotland's transport sector's greenhouse emission reduction are worrying as progress is predicted to be slow. 

Transport needs to be decarbonised, more innovative and efficient. ESIC will dive into questions like: How do we improve air quality in urban areas? How do we phase out petrol and diesel by 2032? How do we fund smart mobility? 


Throughout the conference, innovative businesses and experts will showcase how Scotland can build a sustainable transport system through low carbon vehicles, enhanced logistics, smarter mobility and low emission zones. 

Get in touch!

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If you would like to partner with us or fund our conference, please feel free to email us at bigthink@buchananinst.org


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