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Around 70% of under-18s experiencing mental health problems have not had sufficient interventions at an early enough age. Our policies on health work towards reform for both physical and mental health within the UK.

The Shadow Pandemic

Popular discourse on the COVID-19 pandemic has often omitted the serious rise in domestic violence that came with the advice to ‘stay at home’ leading to increased potential for harm within the home, and far less opportunity to escape to safety.

Tackling Childhood Obesity in Scotland

In Scotland, 26% of children are overweight, with 16% at risk of obesity. These policy recommendations will help to improve on the current shortfall of the means tested system of testing free school meals after P3, as well as improving fruit and vegetable intake.

Ethical Kidney Donation Scheme

With a reformulated policy in hand and having already spoken to some healthcare professionals (i.e. transplant), the Kidney Donation team addresses public concerns and opinions around this policy. This includes a public debate around the ethical implications of this policy as well as campaigns to spread awareness both to the Scottish public and its MSPs.

A Review of the University Counselling Services

In response to negative public discourse surrounding mental health services at university, The Buchanan Institute put forward a proposal, detailing the University of Edinburgh’s Student Counselling Service's current procedures and identifying areas for further improvement.

The Forgotten Generation

The youth have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic through impacts on the hospitality sector and the switch to online learning. Rising levels of long-term youth unemployment and inequalities should be addressed by the government.

10 Big Ideas for Scotland 2025

In 2020, the Buchanan Institute was commissioned by the Scottish Policy Foundation (SPF) to come up with '10 Big Ideas for Scotland in 2025'.
10 young researchers worked together to come up with 10 innovative and unique policy proposals that envision and explore how Scotland can become a better place to live and a leader in innovative policy-making.

The Case for Compulsory Mental Health Education in Scottish Schools

Despite formal support for Mental Health education, popular sentiment and statistics show that the Scottish school system currently fails to adequately achieve this. The Buchanan Institute evaluate the situation at-hand with critical insight to the reality of Mental Health across Europe and the neglect of Mental Health education in schools. Ultimately the case is made for mental health as a compulsory component of the Scottish curriculum.

Putting Health First: An Approach to UK Drug Policy

The Institute published a proposal for a universal basic income to be tested within Fife Council. The proposal was launched with RSA Scotland's Jamie Cooke and Cllr. Matt Kerr, both who are strong advocates for a UBI.

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