SAVOUR: Food Waste Reduction Strategies at University Cafes

While the University of Edinburgh has acknowledged Food waste and sustainability is an issue, in practice there is little done to prevent the waste of food from University sites such as the cafes throughout University owned buildings. These authors set out to fill the gaps in current university policy regarding food waste, outlining the importance of establishing a system of waste tracking across campus.





Ali Al Hamadani

Julia Bandel

Karen Fonstad

Katrina Johnstone

Chloe Olson

Zosia Pastuszka

Ella Salmon

Executive Summary

This policy proposal sets out to fill the gaps in the current university policy regarding food waste. It first defines the flaws in the current management of food waste, based on research conducted throughout this academic year. A listof guidelines are then set out based on previous academic research and policies from other universities. The most essential of theseisestablishinga system of waste tracking across university campus. Currently there is little to no datawith regards to the amount of food waste the university produces. Data needs to be collected, analysed, and made

transparent to students. Furthermore, the policy lists further strategies that can be implemented in light of data collected, to reduce overall food waste amounts.