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Come join us this September!

 We're thrilled that you are interested in joining us and being a part of one of our research projects this year. 

This form is to establish what your policy interests are. If they happen to fall into one of our proposed projects, that's great. If not, please just tell us what you're interested in researching, and we will put you into a team with other like-minded individuals. 

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we anticipate that most, if not all, research and collaboration will be done online. The research teams that will be made up of 4-5 researchers will have to be able to communicate and work through online methods. 

Please note that the application form will close at 23:59 on Friday, September 25th. You'll hear back from us by Sunday, September 27th. 

For any further information or questions, please feel free to email

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